I would be thrilled to welcome you to the Mystic Priestess School Lounge, an email "Waiting Room", where you will receive mini-training, tools, journalling prompts, meditations, and sneak peaks to prepare you for your inner journey to greater joy, self-love, inner peace and empowerment. You will also receive updates about the School and registration process.   Enter your name and email, and I'll meet you on the other side!

What is a priestess?
A Priestess is a woman awakened to the duality of her experience: a spiritual power-house having a physical experience. She works as a bridge between the world of the unseen, and the physical world of touch, sound, words, scents and taste. She works as a vessel to combine divine energies and earthly energies to create the life she desires, and the world she wants to leave to her children's children. She develops her courage to look into the darkest places within her soul, to bring more Love and Light to places that felt abandoned or rejected. In doing so, she grows whole and complete. She chooses to take accountability and responsibility for the feminine grace and the masculine empowerment that are already waiting inside her.

What is the Mystic Priestess School?
The Mystic Priestess School is designed to help you gain a deeper level of self-awareness and self-love, as you learn about ancient tools and rituals. You will reconnect with the timeless part of your soul, that longing in your heart that already knows that you can change the world when you change yourself -- and that this power is already within you. This is a school of re-awakening.

Why now?
It is time for the world to return to a sense of balance.  It is time for the Divine Feminine to be expressed fully, in plain light, without fear.  It is time for women to regain sovereignty over their lives, their feelings, their intuition, and their natural way to nurture our world, for the highest good of all.  It is time to shed millennia of oppression and rise again.  

If you know there is more to life than the routine 9-5; if your soul is stirring; if you know that there is more to spirituality than what is taught in Sunday school; if you have this deep urging to make the world a better place and serve from a place of empowerment, joy and love...  Then this is your very special invitation to join me in the Mystic Priestess School and remember your gifts and magic. 

Much Love,
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